Thunder Fly for the ZX Spectrum Next

Thunder Fly is the 1st game for the ZX Spectrum Next by Snappy Games! Hand crafted in Z80 assembler this is a conversion of an old game I wrote for the Acorn Archimedes back in 1996.

The game features 5 levels of vertical scrolling shooting action, these are Spectrum Next screenshots of the game running in the excellent ZX Spectrum Next emulator CSpect:

Thunder Fly 1
Thunder Fly 2

The game has been tested on real ZX Spectrum Next hardware from the original Kickstarter and runs at a solid 60fps like the original Archimedes version. The graphics have been converted from the Archimedes 12-bit (4096) colour palette to the Spectrum Next's 9-bit (512) palette and have largely been left as is with only minor changes.

The various power-ups from the original game are present in the Specturm Next version, the main change from the conversion is sound. The original used sampled sound effects whereas the Spectrum Next version uses AY sound effects, though there will be SpecDrum/DAC music streamed from SD.

Thunder Fly 3
Thunder Fly 4

The game will be released on 01/01/2020 so check back then for the link to purchase/download the game.

Thunder Fly 5
Thunder Fly 6

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  • The game is not guaranteed to run under any emulator only real Next hardware. For example, when running under CSpect the music does not work and will likely crash the emulator if it isn't turned off.
  • The game has been tested across different display settings however if you encounter any issue let me know whether you are using HDMI/VGA/50hz/60hz and for VGA which Timing mode you are using.